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CxG Wave Collection George Thobias.jpg

Wave Collection

Inspired by the young, dynamic men of Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania - Season 1: The Wave Collection is a refined play on strength and athleticism... recreation and feeling right at home. Luxury should move you.

CxG Overall Shorts Relaxed.jpg
CxG Overall Cross Over.jpg
CxG Crop Top and Parachute Pants.jpg
CxG Overall Open Shirt.jpg
CxG Overall Hoodie Green.jpg
CxG Big Pocket Shirt Green.jpg
CxG Collar Shirt and Shorts White.jpg
CxG Big Pocket Shirt White.jpg
CxG Overall Shorts Quater Sleeve Drawstring.jpg
CxG Overall Hoodie White.jpg
CxG Collar Shirt and Shorts Green.jpg
CxG Wave Collection SA Menswear 23.jpg
CxG Overall Open Shirt 2.jpg
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